Ascites and 16 folk remedies by benhdangian

Ascites and 16 folk remedies by

Hawk disease is a common dermatomyxitis, a disease of the dermatitis, can be found in many places, especially the heel, toes, fingers, scalp, … The disease is not dangerous. But the skin lesions cause patients pain, inconvenience in living and work. The following article, will help you read more about the disease as well as some medicinal methods.

What is horn?
It is a state of incomplete transformed horny kernels, and the nucleus and progenitor cells have not yet transformed into horns. Used to describe horny lesions at locations such as fingertips, toes, heels, palms, soles of the feet, dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis.

Due to genetic factors: Diseases can be inherited from grandparents, parents make children also have the disease up to 25%.

Due to side effects of the drug: Too much drug abuse causes the body to disorder the formation of cells under the skin which causes psoriasis psoriasis.

Environmental factors: The site is allergic and susceptible to contact with contaminated water, dirt, animal fur, … causing allergic ectoparasites to facilitate entry and development of pathogens. .

Hazardous chemicals: Due to the nature of work, they must be exposed to the chemical environment such as gasoline, oil, detergents, rubbish, environmental pollutants, and so on.

Lack of nutrition: People who eat less vegetables and vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin A, C, D. E, … affect the quality of the horny layer.

Each person has a dry skin structure, and the risk of disease is higher than that of others. Especially when the weather changes, the high humidity in winter causes the body to lose more water, the condition will be worse.

The disease manifested most clearly in the leg as red skin, chapped, flaking incomplete. Dry skin is not clear boundary, especially in winter, cracks in the base of the toe will crack, bleeding.
Hand manifestation: dry hands with patches of scaly, unclear lines, skin and itching. Sometimes, when the skin is dry, the skin becomes flushed.

At the top: Scalp appears on the scabular surface with the dandruff mismatched, the layers of white bond to each other. When the weather is dry, the disease becomes worse, the peeling skin is more exposed to the young horn, itching can lead to bald and spread to the surrounding skin.

Hawk sickness is usually cracks, scabs are usually sticky and usually dry more chapped than opaque white scales. Psoriasis, redness, horn, red scaly skin.

It causes discomfort, itching and aesthetic discomfort, affecting the life and work of the patient. This affects the health and morale of the person.
People with hornbill are at risk of contracting Parkinson’s disease, gout, coronary disease, and coronary artery disease, which are associated with autoimmune disorders in the skin.
The incidence of diabetic ketohangi is 1.5 times higher than that of normal people, as coronary artery disease is associated with hypercholesterolemia.
Skin infections, skin atrophy, cracks, ulcers, bleeding will facilitate bacterial entry and cause superinfection.
Some remedies are horn

Remedy 1: Green tea washed, soaked in salt water for 10 minutes, boiled 2 liters of water, diluted into warm water and use this water for 15-15 minutes in the hands. Perform regularly for a few days.
Remedy 2: Take a handful of soil, rinse and cook with 2 liters of water, mixed into warm water to wash the skin of horn.

Lesson 3: Pick a handful of vegetables, wash and then drained, crushed and put directly on the horn skin, for 20-35 minutes. Make 1-2 times a day, work continuously for a few days.

Remedy 4: Sliced ​​lemon and then used directly rubbing the horned skin, at first it will be slightly burning, but sooner it will feel more comfortable. Allow for 30 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Made in about 7-10 days, 2-3 times a day.

Lesson 5: Take a handful of fig leaves and papaya leaves, washed, crushed, squeezed juice. Potatoes peeled, cut into pieces and then steamed, crushed puree mixed with juice. Apply this patch on the skin of the horn and use fixed gauze to overnight, lightly remove and rinse. Repeat 5-7 days.
Remedy 6: Use a handful of leaves and a half grasshopper leaves, washed, cooked with 600ml of water until 300ml, add a little licorice, divide the drink during the day. Drink continuously 5-7 days.

Remedy 7: Get 12g horse head, 12g ginseng, 12g fire, 12g hermaphrodite, 12g bio, sharp and 4 bowls of water, until a bowl, drinking when hot. Every day for 1 month, drink until the disease is out.

Remedy 8: Take 12g each, including cheeks, horse head, copper chain, rice husk, dried fruits, red, dark ginseng, melon, honeysuckle, virgin, silver, , sharp with 4 bowls of water until one bowl, drink twice a day. The boiling water to add water to bath and apply to the skin.

Remedy 9: Use a handful of eucalyptus leaves but not gold washed, boil water. Then add a little salt to stir.

When cold water can add the yellow powder disinfectant (bought in pharmacy) stirred to dissolve. Use water to soak the horn skin for about 30 minutes, when soaking the skin soothing soft soaps.

Lesson 10: Take 240g wild daisy, 500g chopped pepper, 120g dried, 120g dried pepper, boiled water bath, bathed in the skin of hornbill for 30 minutes. Use bath water every day for the rash and scaly.

Article 11: 6g of pepper, 6g of daisies, 6g dry and 6g of pepper, boil the skin of horn skin, wash regularly every day until the cure.

Lesson 12: Take a handful of cleaned elephant’s leaves, pound a few drops of salt, and then cover the skin with horn, use the gauze fixed overnight. The next morning, get up clean, done on a regular basis.

Lesson 13: Take about 7-10 leaves not washed, crushed and then boiled into water. Soak up the affected skin area for 25-30 minutes, do it regularly every day.

Lesson 14: Use bitter melon, wash and boil water daily, continue to perform until the cure.

Essence 15: Take a handful of mulberry leaves washed, drained, black beans roasted. Add the leaves and mung bean to boil for about 20 minutes, remove the pulp for drinking water during the day.

Lesson 16: Ginseng onions washed, sharp to get drinking water daily.

Can be prevented by horn:

Limit direct contact with chemicals: hand sanitizer when washing dishes, washing clothes, chemical cleaning, …
Do not scratch, or rub against the affected area.
Wash the skin to remove horn but avoid soaking in salt water and for too long.
Drink plenty of water to replenish moisture to keep your skin healthy.
Have a diet rich in green vegetables and fruit to provide vitamins and resistance to the body.
Should go to the hospital for examination and treatment when the disease shows more severe.
These prescriptions are for reference only, patients should consult the physician before use.